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There are hundreds of people alive today with the surname of Salvoni, so we have found thanks to the likes of FaceBook.

 But still there is so small a number, at some point we must all be related!   

From our most recent research, the Italian family began in 1350 in the Marche region of Italy, Iesi and Chiaravalle, where a nucleus of Salvonis (although small) still remains.

In 1410 one branch moved from the Marche to the Chiari area in Lombardy. In the early 1600’s another branch moved from the Marche to Tuscany, in the area of Florence-Pistoia-Pisa and Lucca.

At the same time, a line of the Lombardy Salvonis moved to the Parma region. It is not yet ascertained whether the Salvonis of the Piacenza valleys came from Parma or Lucca. Most of the Salvonis outside of Italy today come from the Tuscan branch (but a few in South America come directly from the Marche). Some Salvonis after WWI settled near Rome from the Marche.

So there are actually three main nuclei in Italy totaling 471 people with the Salvoni surname. Another 200 live abroad. Vigilio and Paula are working on all of the material on the Catolfi Salvonis...so watch for more news soon!

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